10 September 2010

Love Is A Battlefield

Military Tipped Sweater, Forever21 $32

The military theme is still marching strong for fall. Utilitarian looks such as cargo pants and jackets, lace up boots and camo prints are easy ways to follow this trend. Subtle details such as military buttons and embellishment are also a good way to fall in line with this trend. From outerwear to dresses and from shoes to accessories there are plenty of ways to join this stylish brigade. If you don't feel like running out and buying anything just yet for this trend, look around in your closet for army green or cargo pieces or items with grommets you might already own . A great lace up boot you may already have will also help you achieve this look.

Bongo Junior's Button Front Tunic, Kmart $16
Military Double Breasted Jacket, Mandee.com $14
Thalia Military Belt, Delias.com $15
Leaves Change Color Military Skirt, ShopRuche.com $35
Qupid Studded Military Pump, UrbanOG.com $24
Slouchy Military Tote, FredFlare.com $22

Leatherette Military Bootie, GoJane.com $31
**I picked most the items in the "traditional" military color, but don't be afraid to experiment with other colors!


lauraivy1 said...

loving your blog! Just discovered and it was just what I was looking for, thank yoU!

D. Lux said...

Thank you!! Glad u love it, thanks for reading! :o)

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