02 December 2010

Lux Luvs: NYX Cosmetics! S104 Palette Review

Ok, so aside from clothes and shoes another one of my obsessions is makeup, which oddly enough I don't even wear too often. Still, my collection of NYX Cosmetics is growing pretty ridiculously large. Waaay too much stuff! About two months ago (yea, I'm pretty late on this review), I noticed that they sold palettes! So I took advantage during one of their free shipping promotions and purchased the S104 Eyeshadow Palette which retails for $25. (It's currently sold out at nyxcosmetics.com, they do have other styles, but you can find the S104 palette here and others at the links listed below.)

It comes with 78 colors, a few are face powders, which I found worked well over my blush for a little added color. It also includes a built in mirror and eight applicator brushes, which I don't really use, but are great for on the go. If you're not familiar with NYX Cosmetics, let me tell you it's really great quality stuff. I jokingly call it "the poor girls mac" (the poor girl being me), but it really is very pigmented, especially on darker skin tones.

Hopefully this picture does it justice. *note to self: get a digital camera*

The shadows are dime sized with larger squares in the middle for the more used shadows. I found these to be very pigmented just like the other NYX shadows, although I do find that the single shadows they sell seem to be the most pigmented, but that could just be me. The packaging is really great, it's a sturdy sleek black plastic palette, it was shipped securely and all the shadows arrived intact.

I would definitely recommend this palette for someone who is trying to build up their makeup collection, it's a great way to experiment with color at a great price. It's also great for traveling, either on a trip or to a girlfriends house to get ready for a night out. It's not super huge, it actually fits in my make up tote bag. I can't compare it to other palettes from BH, Coastal Scents or the 88 palettes you can find on ebay, but as a fan of NYX Cosmetics, I'm definitely pleased with my purchase and say it's worth checking out. Great quality and a great price and would make a great gift for the holidays!!

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Living Fly on a Dime said...

Wow, this palette looks great. I might have to get this for the holiday. And I love that it stores everything in one place, instead of your makeup being all over the place!

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