30 November 2010

Lux Plus: Plus Sized Online Shopping

Am I the only one who HATES the way Amber Riley's character Mercedes dresses on Glee? I hate, hate, hate it. Often times clothes that are ill fitting and just awful (not to mention my disdain for urban wear). But its a great relief to know that Amber dresses totally different in real life. :o) Whew!

That got me to thinking that perhaps there is a certain perception of plus sized clothes. That they either have to be frumpy, or that a plus sized black girl would automatically result to wearing urban wear. Well that's so not the case. I realized that I haven't featured many plus sized selections on my blog, but in reality there are actually a lot of plus sized retailers online that offer great stuff. Here are some sites that I've found:

Asos.com: Asos Curve - Sizes 16-22
Forever 21+  - XL- 3X
Torrid  L-5X
Deb Shops Sizes 14-24
Old Navy Sizes 16-30
Target- Sizes 16-30
CityChic Sizes 14+
B&Lu Sizes 14-30 or 1x-5x
Evans  - Sizes 14-32
Alloy.com (extended sizes) - Sizes 0-25
Hot Miami Styles: Up to 3X (clubwear)
GreatGlam.com up to 3X (clubwear)
ShopRuche  Up to 3X

Retailers such as American Eagle,Wet Seal and Old Navy will offer extended sizes online that you won't find in their stores. It's always a good idea to check out the websites or ask a sales associate while you're there. Also remember that a lot of these places that are trendy to shop at sell clothing in junior sizes, which are purposely cut smaller than women's sizes, so don't be discouraged when those sizes don't fit (TRUST ME).

Have more great places to shop? List them in the comments below!

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