23 November 2010

Black Friday Shopping Tips

As someone who is about as frugal as they come, it may come as a surprise that I don't usually participate in Black Friday. I'm not one for crowds, I rarely ever go to the mall on a weekend, so Black Friday isn't really my thing. Also, I've never really been too impressed with any of the sales, my whole life is already on sale. However, I may just venture out this year so I decided to help us all with a few tips.

1. Research!
People are crazy. Shopping on the busiest shopping day of the year you have to go in with a game plan. So before you throw on your sneakers and war paint for a day of shopping be sure to research what sales are actually out there. Check what time your favorite stores open and if they have any sales on something you want in particular, you could end up saving yourself a trip. If you're just going out to browse... good luck to you.

2. Make a Budget and a List
If you did the research and have specific items you want to buy, make a list. It'll keep you from getting distracted and tempted by all the other offers going on. If you have a set budget for Black Friday, this will also help to keep you on track, nothing worse than spending all of your cash on yourself then finding out you have no money left for Christmas gifts... if you care, that is. If you're shopping for clothing items for others as gifts, be sure to get the size information before hand and write it on the list. Definite time saver.

3. Be Aware of the Return Policy
Don't get too caught up in the rush of buying items at a dirt cheap price and then later regret buying them only to realize they were final sale. Pay close attention to the stores return/exchange policy. It may stop you from making a unnecessary purchase. Also, if you find yourself in a rush at anytime and don't feel like trying something on, knowing you can return it if it doesn't fit, could make things a little easier.

4. Wear comfortable clothes and shoes.
As always if your shopping and plan on trying on clothes be sure to wear something that's easy to change in and out of. Try wearing a pair of leggings and a nice loose top. Don't forget to wear comfortable shoes. Black Friday is all about business for those who are serious, skip getting all dolled up that day and get ready for war!

5. If you can avoid the mall.. DO!
Many stores that also offer online shopping will offer the sames deals online with early bird online sales and preview sales. Save yourself the headache of dealing with the crowds and order your items online. While everyone else is waking up at the crack of dawn to head out to the mall you could already finish all your shopping without getting out of the house and your pajamas. Also remember Cyber Monday, which is the biggest online shopping day of the year, the Monday after Black Friday.

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