12 October 2010

Halloween Costume Ideas for LESS!

Halloween is coming up and probably like most of you guys out there I have no clue what the heck I'm going to be. I've never really been the type to run out and buy a costume for the occasion. Come to think of it I don't think I've ever really had a great costume. One that particularly sticks out is when I went as a fat man when I was younger, needless to say I didn't get that much candy that year. Anyhow, costumes can end up costing a lot of money, and it may even be something that you wouldn't want to repeat for the next year. So here are some tips, costume ideas and great sites where you can get great costumes for less.

Tip #1: Accessories and Costume Kits
It's all about accessories. You can purchase wardrobe basics to act as a starter for a lot of accessory kits that are out.  Dress in a sleek black dress and don a wig and witches hat and well, *poof* you're a witch. This is also great way to utilize basics that you already have in your closet.

A button up blouse and a skirt can easily turn into a pilot with a wing pin, pilots hat and pair of aviators.


A basic black dress can be the foundation for a lot of great costumes such as a flapper.

Tip #2: Remix the Old Into New
Have old graphic tees or neon jewelry in your closet. Throw that together with a funky skirt and over the top neon accessories and your an instant 80s Cindy Lauper inspired girl. Just think of things you already own in your closet. Most of us can usually scrape together the classic "nerd" or "school girl" outfits.

Transform that dress you bought for an all white party that you really can't wear after labor day with a pair of wings.
White dress basic

Tip #3:  Buy Items You Can Wear Again
You don't want to waste $50 on a Halloween costume that you probably won't want to wear out again the next year. Instead look for trends that can play into a particular costume idea. The military trend is big now so it'd be easy to pull pieces you'd like to wear again to create a costume look.

Justify buying that sequins dress you've been eyeballing and add some accessories to make it into a costume. Add some funky shades and a microphone and be your favorite pop diva or add a tiara and sash and go as a sexy bachelorette. The possibilities are endless and you can wear the dress again for New Years.


Tip #4: Get Creative and Think Outside the Box!
Don't be afraid to wear something goofy or completely off the wall. Fun ideas could be dressing as a fashion don't or having a group of friends dress up like character from your favorite TV show. Every Halloween costume doesn't have to be super sexy, think of ways to make something fun and comfortable.
Here are two of my favorites (both would make great Halloween DIY projects):

Wet T-Shirt Winner Costumer, PrankPlace.com $34
Party In My Pants Costumer, PrankPlace.com $21

If you tried the tips and are still stumped about what to wear, check out these links that offer great variety of costumes, or just use these as inspiration. You're sure to be able to find something that's within your Halloween budget.



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