07 April 2010

Got The Blues?

 ASOS Denim Plaited Bow Headband

 Asos Denim Plaited Headband, Asos.com $8.62

Who doesn't own a pair of blue jeans? We all love our jeans, but this season there will be more than one way to rock denim. From shoes, to bags and everything in between, there will be more than to get the blues? But cheer up, these are the type of blues that will surely put a smile on your face (I hope).

Denim Chains
Denim Chains, Forever21 $9

TESS Faded Denim Plimsolls
Tess Faded Denim Plimsolls, Topshop $30

Rosalie Tote
Rosalie Tote, Delias.com $35

Bamboo Holt-24 Strappy Gladiator Wedge
Bamboo Holt-24 Strappy Gladiator Wedge, UrbanOG.com $25

Gap Chambray cap
Gap Chambray Cap, Gap $15

Denim Braided Sandals, Forever21 $15

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