09 May 2011

Shea Moisture Soap Review


     So I'm already a lover of natural and organic products and currently in the process of trying to transition all my products in my medicine cabinet to natural products. I was at Target with the intention of picking up a new natural beauty product and stumbled upon Shea Moisture Organic Coconut & Hibiscus Shea Butter Soap with Songyi Mushroom. Whew, That's a mouthful. From the packaging it stated it was for brightening and toning. I had heard about Shea Moisture previously in that they had a great line of natural hair products. They didn't have any hair products in stock at my local Target, so I decided to get the soap. It retailed for $4.99, which I first thought was a little much, but the bar of soap is huge at 8 oz., compared to regular soap which is about a little over 3 oz.
     Now to the good stuff. The soap lathers extremely well and pretty fast. The aroma is definitely mainly coconut but it's not over powering. There are some rough pieces in the soap, perhaps the mushroom I'm not sure, so I wouldn't recommend using the soap directly on the skin. Instead I'd be sure to lather it onto a towel as I'm not sure how hard the pieces inside the soap are. The soap leaves your skin squeaky clean, but not to the point where you feel like your skin is about to shatter into a million pieces. It more so strips the dirt and oils away, but doesn't take away moisture. It certainly didn't seem to really add any moisture either. I followed up with my body wash after using it. I also used the soap on my face and found that it left my skin super smooth removing all the oil. My face isn't particularly oily but it did seem a bit dry after using it on my face. I have eczema on my face so I wasn't a fan of the lack of moisture. However, I did find out that they have a balm for eczema and dry skin, which I'd like to try out in the future.
     Overall, I'd say I really like this soap. I'm not sure if it was the combination with my body wash or the soap alone, but my skin feels amazing after showering with it. I'd definitely try the other soaps as well as the other products. They are certified natural and organic products that represent a rich history and family legacy.
     You can find the products at Target and Walgreens. The site also offers a store locator for you to find the product in your area.
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