27 May 2011

Lux Nail Trend: The Ombre Manicure

Women's Wear Daily said one of the most popular trends of the Spring/Summer trend was Ombre... however I don't think they were referring to nails, or did they know? We have ombre clothing, ombre hair and now ombre nails are a trend. I, like many others, first saw these on Lauren Conrad and I can't say that I was a fan of the look. At first sight it just looked as though she painted her nails all different colors. Well, technically she did, but to achieve an ombre nail manicure you need five different nail polish colors that gradually go from light to dark. The colors have to be in the same tone to really make it look as though there is a graduation in color. Beyonce recently had an ombre manicure of sorts in her "Move Your Body" campaign video. Will you be giving this nail trend a try??

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