22 May 2011

Lux for Less: The Tale of Two Bags

Hermes Kelly Bag

So recently, I did a post about shopping around and how many companies sell their designs and materials to all type of retailers and different price points. Well of course I found another great example. The Hermes Kelly inspired style bags that have been getting a lot of hype about on the blogosphere from Aldo have now ended up at Charlotte Russe for a tad bit cheaper. Which in some ways is good news, since the reviews on the Aldo bag were only positive about looks but negative on functionality. However, I can't speak to the quality of the bag offered by Charlotte Russe or even Aldo personality since I own neither. Both are pretty identical and both made from synthetic materials. As vintage style bags seems to be pretty popular now, you might even expect this style of bag to be popping up at even more retailers.

Which would you buy?

Cyphert Aldo Shoes, $45

Vintage style purse with tassel Charlotte Russe, $30

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