27 January 2011

Draped Up

Alicia Keys' draped dress in the 'Unthinkable' video

A great dress style that works with a variety of shapes and sizes is a draped dress. They  create beautiful silhouettes and can offer coverage from any place on your body that may be carrying some extra baggage. They're ultra chic and pretty much always in style. Lulus.com has a variety of great dresses really great prices. They also had a number of draped dresses. Check out some of my favorites on this draped trend. 

Smoke on the Water grey dress, $47

Bit O' Bubbly Champagne Dress, $47

World of Veils Dress, $35

Carribean Jive Coral Halter Dress, $43

Note: This blog post contains affiliate links to Lulus.com.  You do not have to click these, and you do not have any obligation to purchase. If you chose to click the links and purchase something, I'd greatly appreciate it! You'll be contributing to The Lux Monster fund and a post will be written in your honor. Just kidding, but every bit helps. Thanks.

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