31 January 2011

The Boyfriend Watch

So boyfriend anything is and has been a trend for a while, from sweaters to shirts and jeans. So of course you'd have boyfriend watches. Leading the pack with probably one of the most sought after boyfriend watch styles for us gals is Michael Kors. His watches are amazing! Of course, if you don't have the $250 to spend on your time piece you can still get the look for a lot less. Here are some great affordable alternatives:

Boyfriend Rhinestone Black, Endless.com $25

Abigail Boyfriend Style Watch, Endless.com $23

Multi-Display Tortoise Style Watch, Sears.com $20

Boyfriend Style Multifunction Watch, Target.com $13

Set Stone Boyfriend Style Watch, Asos.com $52

Tortoise Shell Boyfriend Style Watch, Asos.com $52

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