05 May 2010

The Oxford Dictionary

Fact: I love oxfords. Long after the trend subsides and oxfords revert back to feet of old men and librarians, I will still be wearing them. Words can't describe how much I love them. When the trend first started booming it was very hard to find an affordable pair. Now, oxfords are popping up all over the place at a number of retailers in a number of price ranges. Here are some oxfords that are a break from the norm, straight from my wish list (I wish to own all of them), all for under $50!

MINTKEN Oxford, Aldo $40

Brogues:  Low heeled shoes originally made of heavy leather. Brogueing, refers to punched patterns on the shoe. Also known as wingtips.

Cutout Oxford Shoes, Forever 21 $20

Wingtips: Named for the toe pattern which resembles a W and the shape of a bird spreading its wings.

Alice + Olivia for Payless Jazz Oxford, Payless $30

Deena & Ozzy Ludlow Oxford, Urbanoutfitters, $48

Oxford: A dressy, yet historically plain shoe enclosed with laces.

 Dirty Laundry Women's Chez Jersey Oxford Flat, Endless.com $30

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