05 May 2010

Let's Talk About Pep(lum)!

 Let's talk about pep! No, not the show. Peplum. What does that mean you ask? lol

Peplum: A short overskirt that is usually attached to a fitted dress, skirt, jacket or blouse.

So, I was looking through my closet, as I often do, and noticed that I own quite a few peplums skirts and dresses. Perhaps I'm subconsciously drawn to this style, because before then, I hadn't noticed. It's so cute and funky yet classic at the same time. If you aren't into it... get into it! Here are a few of my choices.

Strapless Chambray Romber Gojane.com $34

Peplum Ruffle Dress, Forever21 $22.80

Style Tip: If cut correctly a peplum waistline garment can be a great way to cover up your tummy!

Vero Moda Print Peplum Skirt, Asos.com $22

Pleated Peplum Dress. Forever21 $24.80

 Military Front Tube, Arden B. $15

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