08 April 2010

Do It Yourself: Beyonce's Topshop Victoria Flats

Beyonce was recently spotted wearing the Top Shop Victoria ankle strap flats this past Easter. The shoes retail for $40 with a standard flat rate shipping cost of $15 however, they are no longer available online. If you'd still like to get your hands on these adorable shoes, there is an option: Do It Yourself.


Materials needed for this project:

A pair of flats, preferrable ankle strap flats
Strips of red and black leather fabric
Pearl craft beads
Hot glue gun

Total Cost: $14
Shoes $10
Beads: $4

Project Time: 1 hour.

Step One:

Cut mouth and eyelash shapes from the strips of fabric. (To find leather fabric you can go to a fabric store and ask for a sample of leather fabric. I used the interior of a pair of boots for the lips, and some leatherette material from an old wallet.)

Step Two:

Once shapes are cut, glue them down into place.

Step Three:

Find what hole fits your foot for the strap and begin to glue pearl beads onto the strap, leaving enough room for you to fasten it around your foot. (Since I got my shoes in white, I used pink colored pearls, to add more pop to the shoe). I used about 30 pearl beads per shoe.

Step Four:

Let it dry and....You're DONE!

Finished Product:

You can vary things up a bit by using any color shoes you want, or by switching the fabric color used for the lips! Have fun!

Note: I used a pair of Soda brand ankle strap flats in white. They are pretty easy to find at the mall as well online for no more than $15.
If you can't find a pair of ankle strap flats, you can make you own straps. Be sure to have a thick piece of fabric to create a strap loop. For straps you can either use an old strap from another pair of shoes or a ribbon to string the pearls on. Also, an elastic pearl bracelet might be good to use.


Anonymous said...

fab post!Id like to make them by myself;)check my blog ther's a similar post about bag

ByeByeSoccerMom said...

Fabulous idea! Love your new flats! And ankle strap adds a nice touch.
Thanks for your comment on my Loubs!

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