26 February 2010

The Cosby Connection


Now, before you get nervous, I'm not going to recommend that you run out and buy Coogi sweaters or prepare for any ugly sweater parties or anything. I'm encouraging you to follow Bill Cosby's trailblazing ways and indulge in patterned knit wear. We have a month left of winter, why not have some fun? Here are some Cosby inspired sweaters that'll make you feel like you're in a different world. Too cliché? Whatever. *eats J-ELLO pudding*

Multi-Coloured Knit Cardigan, Miss Selfridge $93

Fluffy Intarsia Cardigan, Miss Selfridge $62

Extended Cherry Sweater Top, Forever21 $30

Silence & Noise Polka Dot Intarsia Sweater, Urban Outfitters $30

Animal Bandido Cardiga, FredFlare.com $80

If you're looking for the real deal vintage Cosby feel, you can head over to your local thrift store or check out some online vintage stores. 

1970s Vintage Cardigan, Rustyzipper.com $26

Thanks Hadijah!

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