17 May 2011

It Pays to Shop Around: Fashion Triple Take

Macy's $38
Have you ever been in a store and seen the exact same item you've seen in another store? Even worse when you see it for cheaper in another store. I actually own this shirt, but I bought it for $5 at a discount retailer.   Myself personally I can't recall when I've spent $38 on a simple t-shirt. Sure the top has some jazzy points (front pocket, zipper detail on the back, cute print) but it's just a shirt. I think this following demonstration best illustrates the point that it's pays to shop around. Click after the jump to see where I snagged it and for how much!

Tilly's $20

Walmart $3

Gratuitous back shot.

So there you have it. The same shirt you may have bought at Macy's you can find at Walmart for a mere three bucks (I bought it for $5 so I'm actually a lil' bitter about those $2 I could have saved....). Anyways, it also goes to show that you can't really be a snob about where you shop. You may be flaunting the next hottest new thing not knowing that some company sold that same fabric and pattern to a cheaper retailer and someone like myself is just as proud to rock a $3 shirt that you paid way too much for!
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