25 April 2011

Fashion Don't: Friends NOT Twins

Deep sigh... Where do I even begin? Sure we've all done the twin thing, say in elementary and junior high. "Hey girl I'm going to wear my Tommy Hilfiger overalls on Thursday, wear yours too". Did I just date myself? Oh well. I think it was in 8th grade when me and a friend wore those overalls and matching Fubu vests to an event... were we wearing Filas too? Hmmm you betcha! But, see that was years ago, Pre Y2K. We were just kids. We didn't know any better! May I also make a note that those outfits were hot back then! If only I could find the pictures. Then I recall later in life doing the matching thing in different color combos with friends. The Destiny's Child thing, if you will, where everyone in the group ends up looking like they're about to bust out into song and dance at any moment. I can't however, recall anything in adult life that caused me to wear the EXACT same thing my friend wore at the EXACT same time. Unless we're in a performance of some sort, I really fail to see the point. You have your own style and I have mine. We may end up buying the same things every now and then by accident, but by no means does that mean we should both put them on and roll out to a party looking like the Doublemint Twins. Tia and Tamera aren't even dressing alike, so why should we?!

"But Lux Monster, it's all in fun.. they're BFF's" To this I reply "So what!" To me this is a direct violation! Here is why: Someone will always end up looking better in the outfit than the other. That's the real reason. Let us for a second ignore how tacky it is and focus on that. No one wants to be the girl who looks the worst in an outfit, so why even set yourself up for failure?? While I love Khloe Kardashian, to me her BFF Malika wore this better (eventhough both outfits are dreadful). Personally, I feel this bodysuit was played out two years ago when I first saw it, and then continued to see it EVERYWHERE! I'm sure American Apparel has made millions off this bodysuit alone.

I'm throwing a flag on the play with this look. Little girls do the twin thing, not grown women. How do you feel about the twin look? Sound off!!
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