12 January 2011

The Lux Monster's 2011 Fashion Resolutions

Well guys, it's finally a New Year. We made it!! Excuse my lateness, bloggers need vacation too. While some of you have started building up your new years resolutions with things such as hitting the gym more, managing your money better and promising to travel more- how about making some resolutions for your wardrobe? A new year is the perfect time to start fresh. Here are some of 2011 fashion resolutions to get you started. Get out a pen and paper and make your own. Let me know what's on YOUR list?

1. Invest in wardrobe staples.

Wardrobe essentials such as a classic pair of black pumps, a black blazer, an awesome pair of jeans, a white button down shirt and an flirty LBD are key pieces that will never steer you wrong in your wardrobe. It's definitely a good idea to invest in good quality pieces that will last you a long time.

2. Get properly fitted for a bra.

Some "surveys" have stated that anywhere to upwards of 85% of women are wearing the wrong bra size. The proper bra is very important to the fit of your clothes. Also, you don't want to be walking around with the quadruple boob or have the girls sagging down to your belly button.

3. Avoid being overly trendy.

So maybe last year back in 2010 you felt really "2000 and late" and this year want to hop on the bandwagon of the latest trend. Well, take baby steps. Wear what fits your personality and remember the importance of self editing. You definitely don't need to wear the leopard shoes with the leopard belt, bag, glasses, scarf and shoes all at the same time. Less is more.

4. Update your cosmetic bag.

A lot of us beauty junkies have sooo much stuff it's hard to keep track. Get a great makeup bag and take stock of what you really have. Then, try replacing some of those damaged or old products.

Believe it or not, make up does have a shelf life. If you have that foundation floating around in your cosmetics bag for over two years, I'd say toss it. Bacteria and germs can build up in your makeup so it's best for your skin to keep everything fresh and not keep anything too long. If you haven't done so already, invest in make up cleaner and keep a regular schedule of cleaning your brushes.

Check out this article here.

5. Organize your accessories.

Keeping your accessories organized will save you not only time in getting dressed but money too! Too many times while rummaging through our stuff, earrings and necklaces get hooked to each other which can cause them to break. Finding appropriate storage for accessories will cut down on that. No more searching for what you have and what matches with what; find cute ways to organize and display your jewelry and it'll cut down on your time getting dressed.

6. Take risks!

But not too many (see resolution #3). Fashion is fun, and a great way to express yourself. Don't be afraid to try new things and don't sell yourself short. Try it out before you tell yourself "it's not for me". Trying wearing more color, higher heels or more prints. Think outside of your box and try new things. Just don't overdue it and end up on any worst dressed lists.

7. Shop new places.

Perhaps you're conditioned to always shopping at Nordstrom or Forever21, it wouldn't hurt to venture out. Try visiting boutiques and thrift stores if you don't already. Even do more online shopping. You'll find unique pieces and may even come up on some great deals. Plus, who wants to be in a party with five other girls wearing the same dress??

8. Out with the old, in with the new!

You don't have to wait until spring to do some spring cleaning. Go through your closet now and figure out what you wear and what you don't wear. When you've found stuff to get rid of, have a swap with your girlfriends. It'd be a great time to get some new pieces in your wardrobe and effectively get rid of the old stuff. Also, don't forget selling your old stuff to resell stores or giving it away to charity. Getting rid of the old will make room for new clothes. Who doesn't want new clothes?

9. Dress for your body type.
photo via CaryCitizen.com

Hopefully we're already all doing this. Of course at times we all fall short. When trying on your clothes make sure they flatter you in the best possible way. Make a rule for yourself with garments of what you don't like about fits and what you do. For instance, with jeans, if you're lacking in the booty area don't buy jeans that'll smush the little bit of assets you're trying to show off. Make sure none of your clothes are too tight or cutting you at the wrong places, if so, it's time to let those suckers go!

Figure out what your body type is, are you apple shaped? Pair shaped? Dressing for your shape is super important. Not dressing accordingly can add the illusion of weight gain. Yikes.

10. Read my blog.

Shameless, shameless plug... I know. Happy New Year! :o) Thanks to all my readers!!! I promise great stuff for 2011!!

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