25 September 2010

Living on the Wedge

For my last installment of 'Boot Week' here at The Lux Mon$ter, I decided to focus on wedge booties. Nicki Minaj is featured in Out Magazine (check out her feature here) pairing her futuristic looks with wedge booties. These fun and funky boots are comfy and a welcomed change from traditional booties. They're very versatile and are popping up in a number of styles. Check out some of these:

Dollhouse Tiller Booties, Dollhouse.com $56
Deen & Ozzy Wedge Boots, UrbanOutfitters,com $50

Not Rated Cayote Boot, Heels.com $45
Pink Duchess Baylee-5 Buckled Wedge, UrbanOG.com $28
Sia Wedge Bootie, Alloy.com $47

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