07 June 2010

When's The Last Time You've Been To Payless?

- Alice + Olivia For Payless - Breckenridge Bow Platform Sandal - Payless Shoes
I haven't been in ages! Now, I may be a frugal shopper, but I haven't always been a fan of Payless. Rarely have I found their simple, mass produced shoes relatable to my wardrobe, but when I have I've been pleased though its usually more miss than hit. It's been in my experience that if you can usually find cheaper, better quality shoes at places such as Ross or Marshalls.
So, I know I'm late on this, but I came across some Alice + Olivia shoes on a blog I frequent and couldn't believe how cute they were. The shoes in the Alice + Olivia summer 2010 range from $29.99 to $39.99 which isn't bad. I've missed pretty much all the designer shoes payless had to offer after not being too impressed with the initial Christian Siriano collection. However, I will keep my eye out from now on to see what Payless has to offer with their designer lines. You should too!

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Fashion Du Jour said...

Seriously! Payless has some really cute stuff. http://fashiondujourdaily.blogspot.com/

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