23 June 2010

Does Shoe Dazzle Really Dazzle?

 (pictured above: Hypnotic Parker Studded Pump, similar to pump featured on homepage of shoedazzle.com, $26 UrbanOG.com)

To be honest, when I first heard about ShoeDazzle.com I thought, "Why the heck didn't I think of that?!" The idea sounds pretty cool in theory. Kim Kardashian and her team of "expert stylists" select monthly selections of which you can choose one shoe a month for $40 with free shipping. Sounds great right? Well, not so much once you really get down to it. Indeed, I had heard good things about it so I went to check it out myself. On my first quick browse, I didn't register, but I noticed on the front page, many shoes that I had seen previously online for well under $40. So why would I need Kim K. to recommend styles that I could very well find on my own?

Feeling that I wasn't fair in my judgement of Shoe Dazzle, I decided to actually try it out. I registered, did my style quiz, picking celebrity looks that I felt best suited my own personal style, and waited a few days for these "expert stylist" to send me my June Selections.

I got five selections of which I consisted of a basic pump, peep toe pump, sandals and two club heels.

I got recommended these sandals called "Jasmine" in fuchsia, while I didn't find the exact ones online, these above are similar and available in a variety of other colors at GoJane.com for $18 and UrbanOG.com for $12.

This "Edge" pump, I actually really liked. The only one I in fact liked from my five selections. A quick Internet search and I found these exact shoes at BareFeetShoes.com which are also available in three other colors (pink, blue and white). They're called Razor by Privileged and retail for $35.

All in all I wouldn't say Shoe Dazzle is a rip off, but beware that the shoes aren't going to be the highest quality. I found a facebook fan page "Shoe Dazzle Sucks" that has some reviews of a few unsatisfied customers, the page also helps you find shoes similar to what you found on shoedazzle.com. For $40 you really could surf websites such as gojane.com, urbanog.com, makemechic.com and cutesygirl.com and find some of the same selections for way under $40. So, try it out for yourself and see how you like it, registration is free and you only pay after you've selected your first pair of shoes.


chichi500 said...

omg thanks so much for this post, the other sites you suggested had really great shoes, and for cheaper than $40.

D. Lux said...

You're welcome! thanks for reading!

beatriz said...

you should post that on their page hahahha

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