23 March 2010

Cut It Out! Lace it up!

So first I was thinking why not feature a story about cut out flats that seem to be really popular this spring, but then I was also torn about lace up sandals, flats and shoe boots. I thought to myself, "What's a girl to do?", but after some shopping research.. BAM! Cut out lace up sandals and flats are the perfect new shoe for spring. I can't believe I hadn't thought of it sooner, especially since I own a pair. It's like wearing a flat and a sandal at the same time and anyone who isn't obsessed with lace up shoes like I am is basically crazy! I'm wearing my Deena & Ozzy's now as we speak. If you're ready to cut it out and lace it up, check out my picks on this trend below.

Deena & Ozzy Scallop Lace Skimmer, Urban Outfitters $38

Misbehave Annie-2 Gladiator Flat Sandal

Misbehave Annie-2 Gladiator Flat, UrbanOG.com $17
Deena & Ozzy Lace Up Sandal
Deena & Ozzy Lace Up Sandal,  Urban Outfitters $38
Beige snake lace-up gladiator sandals
Beige Snake Lace Up Gladiator Sandal, Debenhams.com $37
Forever21.com - Shoes - Casual - 2074652568
Lace Up Cut Out Sandal, Forever21 $25

UrbanOutfitters.com > Deena & Ozzy Canvas Cutout Sandal
Deena & Ozzy Canvas Cut Out Sandal, Urban Outfitters $38

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